C.P Crystal Planet(2014 - 2016)

C.P-S.A085 Assistance Center

TIME:2016  4


join people:different kind of people

Human life becomes a new uncredited space by internet. We enjoy freedom disseminated by different-level information, information connection, disconnection and activation in this space, which forms a different configuration. In new space-time concept, substances are distinguished by their deep relations, rather than old-time reaction or progress. We need focus on the deep connection between natural environment and artificial environment, inside and outside of human. Assist centre is an organization that Crystal Planet help the public finish their works in different public space settings.  Assist centre undertakes an extra work that artists do and connect different local regional characteristics in order to stimulate urban vitality.

4. In this exhibition, coadjutants will help participants destroy, reconstruct and renovate. Or coadjutants will add more modes of production to make S.A.085 operate as soon as possible. Besides, coadjutants can improve communication between participants and artists to achieve more cooperation and new configuration that no subject and no object, no strong and no weak. Everything is lie including ourselves.

5. Round tables provide a function for many people who are from working industries to connect and communicate deeply. We can observe residents’ daily behavior and their topics of discussion by round table to reveal present social phenomena and lead to create collective activities.

C.P false propaganda film release

Time: 2015.9

Venue: Venice governor's Office

C.P-H.A you finish your work at the same time, I finished my work.

Time: 20164

Time: 201510

Location: RONGSPACE, Beijing, China

Participant: artist, curator, gallery employee

I have finished my works when you are busying for your work is the work of artist Luo Wei, it displays the standard action and the fixed format of the exhibition under the artistic system, so as to rethink about series of the definitions of elements and the proposition which can be used to build "outstanding contemporary art works", such as the artists, galleries, curators, systems, works, capital contemporaneity and the others. Finish the work in the form of non-standard production and the systematic work not on its original system or its own system. Whether the contemporary art is effective in another mode? Doing work, writting plan, producing, anonymous, famous, all will turn into tools, similarly, artists, curators, art galleries, and the corresponding part of the art system, will become the materials. In the era of virtual network, the failure of contemporary art becomes a normal thing. Value system will collapse at any time. What ways do the artists, institutions and curators need use to exist? Luo Wei will give emergency countermeasures taking the mechanism and system as the destination node. Similarly, the responses of the exhibitions visitors and the audience are also part of this work.

漫游晶体星球1.0 2015 8

Andrew Siemion

In a global innovator assembly activities, the world's top industry convergence, roaming the crystal star system in collaboration with the meeting, five representative technology, science, Internet injection crystal planet, and on behalf of the audience asked a few superficial ordinary problems. However, in the era of continuous innovation, we really desire is what? This type of meeting in recent years has become increasingly popular, has become the mainstream value of the new era, to attract a lot of attention, this kind of meeting or the so-called innovation is just a trend of the guide?

C.P cooperates with Liu Yan 《Daisy task》

Why develop C.P?

We hope to promote a genuine equality, mutual assistance,sharing community, which links to different disciplines, such as art, science,Internet, biology etc.. Making activation and difference inside and outside ofthe body, this is a slow, gradual execution, evolution and updated system.Ideal asks practicalaction, the brain governs the body, to develop a series of projects. However,in fact, we have to face a ugly humanity, class nature, elitism, benefitdistribution matter. Even the air pollution disaster, identity properties andthe attack from villainy communities. So we think, as a practitioner of the artor the current individual, all we can do is not reflecting real life, entertainourselves, self marginalization and negative cringe, but To stimulate theoccurrence of the more perfect order.